Warriors move into Irk Valley Community Primary School


Hello everyone,
Many of you will be aware that we had to move out of Manchester Communication Academy by September 1st due to a huge increase in rent from £10.000 a year to an incredible £37,340 ,which we were never going to pay ,as no school is worth that amount of money.

I am really pleased to inform you though, that we have managed to find new premises at Irk Valley Primary School,on Waterloo Street,Crumpsall ,which actually is turning out to be even better ……

In addition to the school we are also using Smedley Park playing Fields and by the end of November will have 2 more venues..We will keep you informed.

All of the different activities we were doing at the Academy are still taking place with some additional sessions added.
We have had to release some of the football teams but are hopeful for having the majority of them back by November.
Please check out the new timetable for more details and to register for a place.
Look forward to seeing you at one of our new venues.
Any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.