Behind every great community organisation are the people who dedicate their time and expertise to the cause, and we are no exception. Everyone involved with the Abraham Moss Warriors started as a volunteer. Our team of amazing people give up their free time to help children and their families participate in sports and other activities that may not have been available to them, helping to build stronger community ties and enhance racial harmony in a diverse, multi-cultural area.

As the club continues to go from strength to strength and more children and families sign up for our activities, we are constantly on the lookout for more members of the community who are willing to give a few hours of their week to help achieve our aims.

Volunteering is an incredibly rewarding experience. You will gain a real sense of achievement as you watch the participants grow in both personal development and in sporting ability. You will be helping them to build their self-esteem and experience the comradeship that comes with playing team sports, helping them to grow into team players and valued members of the community.

Our volunteers have also been recognised on a national scale. In 2014, the Abraham Moss Warriors won the prestigious Queen’s Award for Volunteering which is the equivalent of an MBE for groups or organisations. The founder, June Kelly, was awarded an MBE in 2010 for her volunteer work.

What can you gain from becoming a volunteer?

  • Gain new knowledge and skills
    These can be used to further your career, help with university applications or lead to new hobbies and pastimes.
  • Help you to connect with your local community, meet new people and make lifelong friends
    Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and increase your social network.
  • Boost your own self-esteem and personal development
    As well as helping others develop their personal skills, becoming a volunteer boosts the person’s self-esteem and allows them to develop their own personal skills.
  • Sense of achievement and pride to be part of a successful team
    Watching people thrive in a safe and fun environment will give you a sense of achievement and great pride to be part of.
  • Improve your health
    Engaging in physical activities while helping the children will help you live a healthier lifestyle. Volunteering has also been proven to boost mental health.
  • A betting understanding of your community and the people who live there
    Volunteering in a diverse community will give you a better understanding of other people’s faiths and backgrounds.

If you’d like to get involved and give back to the community, helping to enrich the lives of young people and their families through sport and other activities then contact us today. You can choose hours to suit your busy schedule and roles which put your best skills into practice.Come along to one of our activities and ask to speak to June, call 07957 429959 or email us at abrahammosswarriorsjfc@yahoo.co.uk.