Activities on Offer


Here at Abraham Moss Warriors, we aim to bring sport to the heart of the community, by using sport and other physical activities as a way of bringing families together and strengthening community spirit.

While our primary focus has been football, we have extended our program to include other sports and activities to suit the entire family, regardless of ability or age. We also offer male only and female only sessions as well as adult fitness sessions so the whole family can lead a healthy lifestyle.

Affordable Activities

Most of our activities are held at the Manchester Communication Academy and are affordably priced with most at just £1 per session per person. Registration is not required for the majority of our activities on offer, just don a pair of training shoes and turn up on the day a few minutes before the session begins.

In addition to our sporting activities, we have teamed up with NASA and the UK and European Space Agency to participate in a fitness and literacy project called “Mission X, Train to be an Astronaut” which is running simultaneously in 30 different countries. We also offer numeracy and literacy programs alongside the sport to help those who are struggling in these areas.

Here are some of the sporting activities we offer families in the area:

  • Archery
    Archery lessons are an affordable and fun way to embrace your inner Robin Hood and spend quality time together as a family. Please wear long-sleeved tops.
  • Basketball
    Michael Jordan wannabes can try their hand at basketball. Anyone over the age of 5 can join in, including mums and dads.
  • Cricket
    Our sessions will help you to improve your batting, bowling and fielding skills and are open to children aged between 5 and 12. All equipment is provided.
  • Football
    We currently have eight different Abraham Moss Warriors teams covering age groups from 4 years old to adults. New players will need to register for teams.
  • Table Tennis
    Fantastic family fun and great for improving hand to eye coordination our table tennis sessions and are open to everyone over the age of 5 through to adults.
  • Tennis
    If you fancy becoming the next Andy Murray or Serena Williams, then maybe you’d like to come along to one of our tennis sessions. Open to the whole family over the age of 5.