About Us

Formed in 2000 by June Kelly MBE, Abraham Moss Warriors is a multi-cultural club focusing on sport for families in the Cheetham and surrounding areas. We are currently the only football club operating in Cheetham.

We cater for people from all backgrounds, all ages, and all abilities. Our football club currently has 286 registered members, these represent 46 different nationalities with 87% of them speaking English as a second language.

Affordable Sport for All

We offer many different activities including football, cricket, basketball and archery as well as our Active Families project. With no signing on fees, it’s affordable for anybody to participate in a team sport or any of our other activities.

There are no trials to get into any of our teams, but those who excel in sports have been able to use Abraham Moss Warriors as a springboard into professional sport. 58 of our members have had trials with professional football clubs and two have already progressed into professional football scholarships.


Sport for all the Family

Our aim is to provide quality and fun sporting activities the whole family can enjoy in a safe environment. Our Active Families project currently has 350 members, encouraging families to participate in team and solo events such as cricket, basketball, trampolining, tennis and canoeing, allowing children and adults to experience new challenges and be introduced to sports they might not have considered before.

How Do the Abraham Moss Warriors Benefit the Local Community?

Our ethos is to help People of all ages and backgrounds become more involved in sport and healthy activities. We provide a safe environment where people from different nationalities and faiths can come together to develop their sporting potential.

This has led to a better sense of belonging, helped to reduce anti-social behaviour and keep vulnerable children from joining street gangs. Children and their families have benefited from making new friends, a higher self-esteem and of course, a healthy lifestyle.

More Than Sport

Although our primary focus has been football, we have extended our program to include other sports and physical activities. However, we also acknowledge that some children may need help with their academic studies and have launched numeracy,science and literacy projects.


Changing the Rules

In October 2003, the Abraham Moss Warriors Under 12s team were doing well in the league when we requested time off for Ramadan, which was being observed by more than half the team. The Lancashire FA denied the request, stating that we should either replace the Muslim players with non-Muslim players or lose our place in the league. We challenged the decision and in 2005 won the first National rule change by the FA in 51 years, allowing all faiths to have time off for religious observance.

Volunteers needed

We are always looking for volunteers to get involved with the club. Jobs and hours are varied and flexible. Please see the volunteers link for more details about roles available.